October 2015: Congregation House Roofing Project October 5, 6, 7, 8

Four church members join us to re-shingle the Congregation House

Jeremy and Macon scrape off four layers of shinglesMacon and Jeremy scraping shingles to bare roof. Rainstorm on the horizon
Safford Builders Supply delivers roofing felt and 60 bundles of shingles
Matthew greets Safford Builders Truck delivering shingles, ladders, and roof felt
The front and side yard are hillsides of roofing rubbish
Storm and flash flood warnings have everyone hustling to get the roofing felt down on the bare roof. The job done everyone breaks for dinner.
They look beat!!
As predicted, it poured hard and fast. Flood waters fill Aravaipa, a normally dry riverbed. As if according to plan, the electricity goes out and doesn’t come back on until 4 pm on day three, giving the lads a chance to collect and dump the shingle leavings in a slot trench on church land.
Once the electricity goes back on, work commences. No time to waste. Macon starts slamming nails into the new shingles.
Into the night they work, only stopping to set up a few lights. Matthew calls it quits at 8 pm.
The rest of the roof completed, the crew returns the following morning to finish off the west side.
Congregation House with it's new roof
Congregation House with its new shingles. The yard has been cleaned but tools and equipment are still visible. This was a partial job as the shingles on the North and East are a bit newer and won’t need a redo for a few years. Whew!!

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