Fall at the Church

An early start and an amazingly long growing season gave the church garden a good head start and an abundance of squashes, tomatoes, eggplants, bell and green peppers and many varied flowers.


Every few years maintenance has to be done to the South Dyke, which prevents flood rain overflow from raging toward church buildings. We hired a neighbor who came with his Backhoe to do the job. The dyke was reinforced and the fence pictured below, repaired.



After the dyke repair he went to work covering the shingles in our slot trench.



Then he cleared and leveled an area for our next planned greenhouse site


We’ve been using some unusually rich dirt from the land in our peyote transplants, so he hauled a couple buckets full to the greenhouse. pictured is the Earth Dome constructed by a church member. The Earth Dome was made using the same earth our neighbor is hauling. However, that time Alex and church President Matthew did most of the dirt hauling by hand with shovels and wheelbarrows. Ugh!


Can you spot the Roadrunner?


A truly beautiful bird!!


Another neighbor delivers an order of pumice for Peyote transplants.



This butterfly seems to like the warmth of the spirit walk fireplace


All in all its been a very busy and productive year. We served over 200 spirit walk petitioners and have seen great healing.



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