International Transpersonal Conference


September 28– October 1 2017 At Top Hotel in the magic city of Prague

In terms of transpersonal psychology, this year is very significant in several respects. First and foremost, it has been 50 years since transpersonal psychology was founded as an independent field. It has been 25 years since the International Transpersonal Conference was held in our country. And this very year, the Czech Republic will yet again become the host country of this unique global meeting. Following on the tradition of large international transpersonal gatherings, we will meet once again, under the auspices of

Stanislav Grof (key speaker) and the title “Beyond Materialism – Towards Wholeness”, in order to enrich each other and discuss the progress made in the field of psychology, spirituality, psychedelics & consciousness.

Transpersonal pioneers Stan and Paul Grof

psychedelic leaders Charles Grob, Rick Doblin, Janis Phelps

prominent  thinkers Ervin Laszlo, Richard Tarnas, Peter Russell

psychologists, psychiatrists and parapsychologists David and Christel Lukoff, Etzel Cardeña, Sandra Harner, Dean Radin, Jenny Wade, Eduardo Luna

and many other outstanding speakers, for whom spirituality is not an unknown expression and consciousness is not just a part of the brain.


The organizers of the conference include the Czech Transpersonal Association, Transpersonal Centre HOLOS, the Club of Budapest Czech Republic and the Czech Psychedelic Society, in cooperation with the EUROTAS (European Transpersonal Association), CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) and ITA (International Transpersonal Association).     The Call for Abstracts of ITC 2017 has just been opened and we invite scholars, researchers, students and practitioners of the disciplines falling within the spectrum of its 7 thematic tracks to submit their applications by 15 April 2017, using the following link:



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