Pictures of Spring

Peyote Way Birds, Animals, Peyote and People


Cecil the land dragon got a new paint job and stands near the front gate greeting visitors and pilgrims.


Mr Raven loves cat food


Ms Turkey and her family have been heard and seen around the Church property.



The Gila woodpecker isn’t just going for ants on the hummingbird feeder, it is a voracious fan of sugar water too. If you look closely you can see its black tongue.


Peyote planters in Grandchildren’s Greenhouse

The “Mana” House

Our newest greenhouse weathered the Winter well and now is ready for some fine tuning. We need to add shelving and the plants need lots of special care. This year we are focusing on starting seeds and creating the environment they like best.


Peyote seed pods


The Germination Station


New covered trays full of baby Peyote


Planter with three year old baby Peyote ready for transplant.


Transplanted Three year olds in new planters

Blooming Astrophytum Asterias and seed pods below

Transplanting the Peyote gives us an idea of the health of the plants and their roots and also tells us what they like. These hairy rooted plants were in a 50% /50% blend of pumice and church dirt. We have also seen good results in pumice with Earth Worm Castings. (Always use high quality castings as some brands use peat moss which Peyote doesn’t like). More recently we have been fine tuning with the addition of lava rock and zeolite. More on our techniques in a later post!!


These Peyote  grafts onto a San Pedro plant are only two years old


Desert Flowers – Bird of Paradise on the left Firefly Forest on right


Our Spring work crew, David and Kaneshka, standing with Church President Matthew. Kaneshka is currently on sabbatical.


Annie at her station with her jar of White tea. Printable Postage for membership packages is dangling behind her, the church email page is in front and her pile of tasks to complete burgeon the table.

Rattlesnake is one of her spirit animals.


Watch Your Step! (Arizona Diamondback)


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