Review of Books: Three books that could change how you think about food

On first entering the Medical Medium website, one is greeted by a pop up offering a free pdf entitled “Ten Super Healing Foods.” I signed up with my email address and kept the pdf on the kitchen table for several weeks. Matthew and I studied the list and were impressed by the brief discussion of wild blueberries, spirulina, organic celery, garlic, organic cilantro, ginger, garlic, coconut water, sprouts and leafy greens. Cilantro was so compelling that we now include it in our daily fresh pressed vegetable juice, and some mornings I drink 16 ounces of pure celery juice. The pdf was informative and persuasive enough that I decided to buy a few copies of the book, Medical Medium. It now graces the kitchen table in the Congregation Guest House.

Author Anthony William, reveals information about the cause of type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal fatigue, Lupus, Lyme disease, weakened Thyroid, and many other maladies. He reminds the reader that our generation has been exposed to industrial pollution, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides that weaken the immune system and cause mystery illness. He also discusses a variety of foods, herbs and supplements that can help specific conditions. In the chapter “Fear of Fruit,” William explains why the currently prescribed Candida and Diabetes diet is misguided. By eliminating fruits from a diet because of its sugar content, the antioxidants, electrolytes, fiber, mineral salts and vitamins they contain are virtually ignored.

For years I struggled with various skin issues and learned through painful and discouraging trial and error that “natural flavors” were toxic to me. Over time I realized that MSG, in its many variations as “torula yeast,” “yeast extract,” “smoke flavor” and “autolyzed yeast extract,” was giving me debilitating headaches. More recently citric acid caused me years of grief. I often describe myself as a canary in a coalmine because I feel the harmful effects of these foods while some other people seem unaffected. In Chapter 19, “What Not to Eat,” the foods I learned to avoid after more than thirty years of painful trial and error are identified and their toxic properties discussed. For me it was empowering to finally find this information all in one place explained in a clear and easy to understand way.

Anthony William explains the sources of ailments from toxin introduction to appearance of unexplained symptom. For example, according to Anthony William, menopause used to be a minor event and was celebrated as the time for women to be free from the fear of pregnancy. By producing less estrogen, post-menopausal women experience slower aging. Hot flashes and other symptoms attributed to menopause began appearing simultaneously with the industrial age and the introduction of heavy metals into the environment. Women were exposed to mercury and DDT and also a fluoroscope device, which irradiated a woman’s foot in order to get a better fitting shoe. Matthew often described this device to me as something he and his brothers played with at the shoe store in the late 50’s.

Women born in the 1900’s began to experience night sweats, hot flashes, heart palpitations and all the modern-day signs of menopause. Doctors faced an upsurge of women who wanted an explanation and cure for these symptoms. The hormonal fluctuations of menopause became a convenient culprit and estrogen therapy the remedy.

A viral epidemic is going on, but it has mutated and takes so many different forms that we don’t recognize the connection. People feel sick, gain weight in unexplained ways, and nothing the doctors are prescribing is helping because for the most part doctors are still treating symptoms instead of the disease. (like removing tonsils because a person gets strep throat)

Fortunately, the cure doesn’t involve pills and is pleasant and simple to do. As Hippocrates once famously said, “Let food be your medicine,” especially fruit. Anthony William encourages the reader to embrace Earth’s delicious and varied bounty of apples, oranges, papaya, cucumber, celery, and wild blueberries, as a way to allow the body to heal itself. The healing drink, organic celery juice, is very good for anyone with digestive issues. Just one 16-ounce glass of fresh pressed organic celery juice daily for a month will help re-balance stomach acid.

William speaks with authority and experience, but he is not a doctor. He claims that as a young boy he saw a spirit who told him his grandmother had cancer. It was later proven to be true, and ever since, the voice of the spirit of compassion is his constant companion. His book is the result of years of successfully using his spiritual gifts to heal people using a simple 28-day fruit and salad cleanse.

Please don’t let William’s story stop you from reading further. He isn’t unapproachable or mysterious like the late Edgar Cayce. Instead he is sweet, caring and self-effacing while never denying his gift. Is he a charlatan? I don’t see how he benefits from his presentation as much as he helps others. He genuinely seems to want to do good by promoting organic produce and moderate use of supplements.

Anthony William’s books are a way to make his healing information available to more people. As for his claims to hear spirit speaking to him, the Holy sacrament Peyote has taught me that Spirit reveals itself to us in the way that we will be most receptive to it. For example, in reported near death experiences Spirit appears as a manifestation of Jesus or a bright light. Here at the church, for several years after church co-founder Immanuel Trujillo died, people reported that he had visited them during their Spirit Walk. How much more strange is it that Anthony William’s gift is hearing a voice that tells him what is ailing people.

Peyote has taught me to “judge only by the results” as many communicants leave the Church confused about their Spirit Walk experience only to report weeks later that the experience changed their lives.

Medical Medium is not a diet book. The author is not espousing raw foods except in the effort of healing. His presentation is caring and sensitive and the recommendations all seem harmless and destined to do good. His second book, Life changing Foods, a beautiful collection of healing fruits and vegetables, their virtues, and simple recipes for each featured food continues where Medical Medium left off. Some may like Life Changing Foods better as it is a practical and beautiful source book.

Both books are worth investigating and I hope this simple review inspires a few to test the information out and base their conclusions on the results they get.

To counterbalance this review I read How Not To Die by Michael Greger, M.D. The good doctor consolidates the results of multiple studies, and concludes that a plant-based diet is our best defense against future heart attacks, strokes, headaches, Parkinsons, Diabetes, and many other modern diseases. Greger’s collection of research results is well footnoted for the skeptical reader. According to Gregor you can avoid a host of diseases and health issues by eating a plant based diet. The research is exciting and reveals the healing qualities of ginger, beets, cilantro and many other everyday plant foods. Greger provides compelling research results regarding meat, chicken, fish and egg consumption too. Want to stay sick? Eat the standard American diet.

In Part Two, Greger begins instruction on how to implement a vegetarian diet. At first I was disappointed because I thought he was going to add a host of recipes, but I soon realized that he continues to discuss health research and healing herbs and foods, as well as environmental toxins and toxic food. Did you know that smelling Saffron is enough to lift a person’s mood? His suggestions for relieving depression are actually easy to implement, but one has to decide to do it. The research indicates that in double blind studies, a plant-based diet with regular moderate daily exercise is more effective than prescription antidepressants at improving mood and defeating depression.

My own two fears are Alzheimer’s or brain disease and Cancer. To me, it is worth it to eat the most brain supporting and immune system enhancing foods that I can and to avoid the ones that do harm. For twenty years I lived on a very limited Candida diet, which was unbalanced and harmful in the long term, as it led to lengthy binges where I ate Ice Cream every night and reacted in other unhealthy ways to my restrictions. Being encouraged to eat fish may also have been injurious, as ocean wildlife contains high levels of pollutants including mercury, hexachlorobenzene and DDT. We all do what we can, but if you are eating a chicken or meat rich diet, you might want to peruse this book and get the latest research on the long-term effects of the food you eat.

Blessings on all who read this. Please remember that it took time to get sick and it will take time to get well. Don’t give up on your body and consider the gifts of fruit and vegetables that are ready to help if we but use them.


As of June 1, I started on William’s 28 day healing cleanse. I started every day with the intention of making it through the whole day eating only fruits and salads. By the end of the day, I was always ready for a bigger meal with millet and cooked veggies. The other problem I had was I was getting headaches every day. After almost thirty years without fruit, my body was having a difficult time adjusting!! Then, after losing quite a bit of weight and the frustrating experience of getting a headache every time I ate, I started doing better. Some kind of purge had occurred. It felt like a blockage had been removed from my colon. I could eat more fruit and my headaches were less frequent. However, I wasn’t able to follow the twenty-eight day healing cleanse. After 21 days, I decided I needed to gain back the weight I had lost, but I continue eating more fruit and salads and am also completely on a plant based diet. Changing from familiar eating patterns can be tough for anyone, but with persistence and patience the ultimate result of feeling better will come. A plant-based diet is one that promises a healthy and potentially long life.












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