One Hot Spring, August 2018


July rains made for some exciting Spirit Walks and Aravaipa Wash, normally a dry riverbed, ran fast and hard several times this Summer. Our grandson, Hunter, plays on the muddy bank.


Several years ago, the South Canopy had to be moved 10 feet  because, on those rare occasions when it rained, a trail of rainwater was constantly flooding the fireplace. This year’s rains created a new river into the fireplace and so we created a small channel and dyke to divert the water. We don’t get a lot of rain, but one wants to be ready when it does.



IMG_0026Thinking he was safe from the rain in this tent, our communicant failed to put on a rain cover and describes having buckets of water thrown on him. Even after hours of a torrential downpour both of that night’s communicants came in smiling!

IMG_9249Molly. The rain makes her joints hurt, but she likes the new growth!


An experiment in temperature modification for the Grandchildren’s’ Greenhouse! Installation of an evaporative cooler to create cooler temps and additional humidity. It is believed that these measures will prevent pesticide damage.



Since moving the grafts outside the peyote has grown large  and beautiful. Most of these grafts are three years old. Top plant pictured is a Lophophora williamsii caespitosa.


Elusive broad billed hummingbird


Still transplanting. Peyote wants bigger containers and a new mix is being tested: small grade pumice, with black lava rock, zen sand(calcium carbonate) and worm castings.


Screening some Red lava rock that has too much “fines”. (fine sand)


Mana House-soon to get new shelves!!



As described by a recent spirit walk communicant, alpha coyote, “King of the North field,” leaves his signature scat containing lots of mesquite beans


Baby bunny likes them too, or is that? . . . no – coyotes love mesquite beans!


Looking like his ancestor velociraptor, Roadrunner surveys the area for prey. You don’t want to be smaller than a Roadrunner!! Feed my babies sweet.

Below: Baby Roadrunners on nest in parking area tree.


And what do we eat?


Stir Fried vegetables (with garden Anaheim peppers)


and Salad made with lettuce, sprouts, grated garden cucumber, garden tomatoes and fresh avocado!


When it rains the weeds grow creating a fire hazard. Thanks Dave!!


Three times annually we clear one HWY 70 mile from mile marker 326-327 of rubbish, and for that we get this cool sign!!


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