Hot Summer Daze

Proud Mama chooses a nesting site May 29 2020

Precarious looking nest May 29, 2020

Five Roadrunner eggs May 30, 2020

6/7/2020 Poor ugly dinosaur babies under the weight of a dead lizard.

Babies 6/7/2020

babies 6/9/2020

Almost ready to leave the nest 6/11/2020


Roadrunner chicks on June 14, will leave the nest on June 17. From nest to freedom in 21 days.

Roadrunner enjoying sand and heat

Luke’s Peyote Graft continues to flourish

Broad billed hummingbird at feeder


First flight  from nest to camp chair for young Says Phoebe Flycatcher

IMG_4682Hooded Oriole


Cardinal-Year round resident

Bobcat cutting fiber optic cable ditch hits water supply

Oops! While installing fiber optic cable, workers break a water line

Black Rattlesnake_7_2020

Black Rattlesnake sensing photographer

Aravaipa Tree Toad

Noisy Tree Toad


Annual Flowers



Astrophytum Aeriocarpus

Blooming Peyote

More Peyote Blooms

A and K planting seeds

Akbar and Annie Planting Peyote Seeds

June germinated Peyote Way seeds

2020 seedlings germinating

Trays of planted seeds

Germination Center


One year olds ready for transplant

Akbar transplanting 2 yr olds

Akbar Transplanting



Arizona fires make for Red Sun at the Church


Bunny love Jack rabbit style

Beehive in an old wood stove

Beehive flourishing in an old wood stove

Transplants_2 year old_2020

Two year old transplants

transplants_2 year olds

Three year old transplants



2 thoughts on “Hot Summer Daze

  1. 5 years ago this Church & it’s sacrament saved my life. I have been visiting annually except this year when COVID 19 cancelled my visit. I woke up this morning thinking of my Church Family @ Peyote Way. This Hot-Summer-Daze posting put the spirit back in my heart & put a warm smile on my face. God willing, I’ll be back next year even if I have to walk there!!!!


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