Well and pump Issues


First indication of water problems.

The toilet, clogged and leaking a constant flow of water floods the septic system. Using a sludge pump Bobby and Akbar drain the tank. The toilet is repaired, and a close examination of the plumbing begins.

Well and pump with water pump

Pictured above is our 10 hp pump.

To the right, Akbar is cutting and moving tree limbs in preparation for the new pump. An assist pump is set up to push the water up the hill to the cistern.

Pump still attached and functioning

Niko, Akbar working on pumpElectrician Niko attempts to assist with pump equipment, making new welds, inserting gauges and and working on valves.outlet valve for replacement

Stripped pump ground valve is unearthed for repair and replacement.

Pump and well truck at pump

Bonita Willcox Monzingo Pump Company comes out after several visits by Ed Monzingo to analyze pump issues and assist in temporary water flow fixes.

Pump motor

The pump is disconnected from electrical supply

Pump motor on the ground

The pump motor cover is set on plywood  on the ground.

Pulling pump_7_2020

Pump and first shaft up in the air

Frozen connections on pump receive welding torch

Lots of connections are rusted frozen and need welding torch to cut.

Well no pump

Ten foot sections of shaft are on the ground above and to the right. The empty shaft and water pipeline head to the left.

Well and pump shaftPump shaft

Local backhoe and bulldozer work-digging out tree roots

Backhoe clearing roots at wellBackhoe at well no pump

Prepping area for third greenhouse

(Donations sorely needed to make this project succeed!!)

prepping area for greenhouseBulldozer in greenhouse area

Pump, Well, and Water issues keep this hot Summer hotter and drier!!



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