Byram James Trujillo Memorial Greenhouse

We are building another temporary dwelling for the Holy Spirit in the form of a 20′ X 36′ greenhouse for the Holy Sacrament Peyote.

Volunteer and paid work crew finish up surfaces on concrete pour 11/19/2020

The fenced in area in front of the new greenhouse foundation is the final resting place of Rev Immanuel Trujillo and his son Byram who was 4 years old when he perished in an accident that happened many years before the founding of the Peyote Way Church. His tragic accidental death colored the mindset of all who participated in the creation of the Peyote Way Church. Adult members and visitors were admonished to always drive slowly and be mindful of children while on church land.

Preparatory supply purchase of lumber and conduit for November floor pour delivered by John, a church member, neighbor and friend.

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Akbar paints boards for greenhouse walls.

Site of greenhouse 3, the Byram James Trujillo Memorial Greenhouse

Akbar, K and master mason T use rented auger to drill holes for the greenhouse support forms

Ditch for forming concrete floor in front of Deacon Halpern’s hand constructed “tiny home”

Forming up barriers for concrete floor.

Inserting water and electric lines to be buried under concrete.

Akbar standing in front of electric lines installed by Annie with his enormous help. He has been out on the site every day since the very beginning of this greenhouse project.

Annie and Church member D discuss water and electric lines

What it is all for – Peyote Yearlings

Akbar has been instrumental on every phase of the greenhouse project

Collection of wires installed after D arrived and offered his considerable wisdom and experience on wiring.

First of three concrete deliveries of 5 cubic yards in each truck delivered over two days

Willcox Rock and Sand driver positioning concrete chute.
It is good to see the locals are equal opportunity employers

Finishing up the concrete leveling after the two trucks depart

Church President Matthew Kent making sure tools are supplied and filling in where help is needed. Church Deacon Alex doing concrete finish work.

Concrete floor after the third Concrete truck leaves November 20, 2020

This Summer a church member, neighbor and master electrician offered his services to improve the wiring in the Grandchildren’s greenhouse and the Mana house. He replaced wires and changed wiring where needed. He replaced boxes and upgraded service to the two buildings and installed various thermostat devices for better monitoring of temperature fluctuations within the greenhouses. He helped us to create a safer environment for our Winter use of oil-based heaters. We gladly paid him for his services and soon were asking him to rewire the Congregation House and the office. We enjoyed having his smiling countenance as he cheerfully rewired the Congregation House. He uncomplainingly climbed into the ceiling and pulled wires where needed, creating the flood light set up to display our Mana pottery and many other improvements. Communicants will notice that receptacles have USB ports for charging devices and overhead lights for reading in bed. We were pleased to have him on the team for the installation of electricity and water into the new planned greenhouse. Sadly he suffered a stroke and was unable to continue helping us.

3 inch Conduit for #3 wire from pole to greenhouse stand.

When neighbor John called to say he was ill and could not come to do the work, our neighbor Dave brought his Mahindra over to dig the ditch for laying the 3 inch conduit.

As the electrician was finishing up the wiring work, we noticed that our ancient but always reliable irrigation pump that supplies all our water was functioning less and less efficiently. When it took five hours to fill the gravity feed Cistern, and actually failed to fill it, we began calling neighbors to find out who to seek for well work. Ed Monzingo of Monzingo Windmill Services was called and made several house calls to examine the pump and well set up. He quoted us the cost of a new submersible pump and eventually installed a new one.

This female Roadrunner watched our activities closely all day and continues to stay close by. We have been calling her the building inspector.

After consulting with Graham County Electric representative we decide to upgrade only to single phase 240 power. More pictures soon. All donations are gratefully received.

So by the time the greenhouse project was to begin the church had already spent over $30,000 in repairs and improvements. We anticipate the greenhouse project, including the new wires from the pole to the greenhouse and labor, fans, shelves and heaters will add up to about $60,000 in costs. The church has many more needs and plans to be discussed in later blog entries.

Adult Peyote plants with seed pod.

5 thoughts on “Byram James Trujillo Memorial Greenhouse

  1. Greetings from Las Vegas Nevada!! I really like the new upgrades keep up the hard work and dedication. As for me I have been blessed by the Wild sacrament in southern Texas! It’s been a long hard journey but I’m in position to buy my own homestead on a couple of acres in the rural area outside of Las Vegas and was wondering how to start my own Chapter of the church? I would appreciate if you imparted your wisdom on me and helped me with my greenhouse once I get the ball rolling next year.


  2. I juggled my finances and think I can donate $200.00 which I’ll send you in a check. I like using checks. If it poses any difficulty , please let me know, and I will go to “e-transfering.” Reginald


  3. NICE WORK A few suggestions for the next one underground pipe should be buried in dirt not exposed to the concrete and rebar sitting on top of pipe . Water moving has a vibration in the pipe can make holes in the pipe over time.


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