Molly T Horse R.I.P.

Resident horse from 1995-2020

She was old when she came to us in 1995, then at least ten years ago Molly was diagnosed with Cancer. She definitely had joint issues and pain, but only in her last days did she stop her meander across Church land, choosing to lay quietly near the food bucket. Before then we watched her standing and laying quietly in the lower field. The last few years we often checked to see if she was alive. Visitors occasionally pointed out that we had a dead horse in our field, but we assured them that she was just resting. For years we maintained a vigilant watch for signs of unhappiness but Molly always exhibited signs that she was glad to continue being with us. However, after two cold nights in which Molly failed to rise, we decided it was time to end what now looked like suffering. She had a strong heart, but her legs were not up to the task of carrying her anymore. Church President Matthew fed her a few carrots and carefully used the Church shotgun to kill her. She was loved by many and will be missed.

A few shots of Molly in better days, looking hale and whole

2005-Molly and Spirit

Her Appaloosa/ Arabian blood always made her a hot girl!

Molly was easy going about the people in her life. She was always ready to accept an offering of carrot or other treat and very gentle with children.

Resting her sore legs.

The Appaloosa is an American Horse breed developed by the Nez Perce.

“It is not always easy to predict a grown Appaloosa’s color at birth. Foals of any breed tend to be born with coats that darken when they shed their baby hair. In addition, Appaloosa foals do not always show classic leopard complex characteristics. Patterns sometimes change over the course of the horse’s life although some, such as the blanket and leopard patterns, tend to be stable. Horses with the varnish roan and snowflake patterns are especially prone to show very little color pattern at birth, developing more visible spotting as they get older. ” (Wikipedia)

Today, the Appaloosa is one of the most popular breeds in the United States.

Also lost this year Mama kitty and W

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