Land Maintenance update

My apologies for this hodge podge of pictures and words. It has been way too long since my last blog post and so much has been happening!! Quite overwhelming. We were already heavily involved in constructing and assembling the Byram Greenhouse in the last blog post when Akbar, Church Deacon and volunteer for eight years, was badly injured in a freak accident. A tree fell on him, causing severe spinal trauma and multiple breaks on 12 ribs. He was rushed to the hospital but out here rushing is pretty slow. Thankfully an ambulance made the hour long journey to Aravaipa Canyon where paramedics administered pain medication and first aid, and conveyed him to the ambulance. They then drove three miles to the heliport in Klondyke. We have no pictures for what he then endured. Leave it to “one should never be left in a hospital without an advocate!” Two of his brothers flew in from Virginia and sat vigil with him in Critical Care. He had two surgeries on his spine but his twelve broken ribs were not set. He got pneumonia and after several days of raging fever the specialist was brought in and he was given the appropriate medication for his specific bacterial infection. We are thankful to the hospital crew for all they did, being understaffed and overwhelmed with the current coronavirus pandemic.

Artisan Toxtli creating Altar for the Byram Greenhouse

The sidewalk in front of the Byram Greenhouse completed, our concrete crafters rest in the shade of the Mana Greenhouse

The sidewalk in front of the Mana Greenhouse completed. Eventually we plan to install a railing

Byram Greenhouse on the left, Mana Greenhouse on the right. The cement sidewalks, altar and rock wall have been completed

Constructing the Peyote nursery in the Byram Greenhouse.

Five Husky shelves were installed and then wrapped in wood and plastic to construct a warm humid zone for Peyote seedlings.

Healthy seedling with long strong root.

Seedling started by Alex from Church seeds.

Young Peyote started by Alex

Church Deacon Alex making the latest batch of planting mix.

Transplanting from a planting mix we ultimately found to be too heavy and unsatisfactory. The new mix utilizes elements from earlier gardens plus many additional ingredients and amendments. We hope to share Alex’s final mix with those keeping their own sacramental gardens. We are down to a dry mix for the adults and a juicier moist mix for the babies. Here’s what one member said about Alex’s planting mix:

“Wow, I transplanted into your soil-mix and my babies are responding beautifully !!! Can’t believe it. I even had one batch that was all brown and dwindling and are now bright green and happy in their new bed of soil-mix.”

Church Clergy candidate helping to transplant peyote from old mix to new. While here First Degree Clergy member Laszlo helped in the office and learned about growing Peyote from the best. His help was greatly appreciated.

Laszlo holding Peyote with newly developed roots. These plants were started from cuttings and look pretty happy!!

Deacon Alex (pictured below with Akbar) and Sister Rose (above in Byram house transplanting tiny seedlings) will be leaving for Oregon soon with their tiny house and we hope they will have an easy journey and smooth and welcome resettling. He did massive garden healing here in our greenhouses, and Rose was a blessed assistant in the office and helper in the Congregation house with visitors. Her smiling face and willing demeanor and Alex’s gentle manner have been a boost to our spirits. We will miss them.

Renovations to Akbar’s residence.

We are eternally grateful to the generosity of Church member David who volunteered first to professionally wire the Greenhouses and then returned to renovate Akbar’s residence.

Here we see our neighbor working his Mahindra backhoe to create a ditch for electric lines to Akbar’s trailer and new deck.

Graham County installing three new electric poles while upgrading the wiring.

There he is!! Akbar returned forty days after his accident.He spent thirty days in the hospital and ten days in rehab and was sent home to do home rehab. He has a physical therapist he sees twice a week and he regularly uses the Essence of Tranquility Hot Springs to stretch his muscles and ease his pain. We are thankful for medical marijuana. Many of the products Akbar has been able to acquire have helped him through some painful evenings.He removed his neck brace after a week. Church Residents have helped as we could bringing him daily fresh pressed celery juice and vegetable juices and taking turns providing a nourishing evening meal. Akbar lost a lot of weight while in the hospital and we hope as the pain lessens and he regains his strength the weight will also return.

Building a Deck

Home Depot’s stain ran out before the project was completed and the color was no longer available. David was able to find another similar stain and purchased a large supply to avoid running out again.

Our wonderful and generous volunteer David with Akbar, David, (our regular smiling laborer from Tucson), and Alex having breakfast by the pool.

Matt’s Birds and visitors

Juvenile Grey Hawk watching the bird feeder for quail and doves, a quick and easy feast!

One of the Church’s founding members stopped by for a visit and helped out while he was here.

Western Bluebirds stopping by for a drink

Purple House finch

Say’s Phoebe, a two note songbird, uses the Barn Swallow nest to rear their young before the Swallows return from Argentina.

Say’s Phoebe ready to fly. One visitor to the church recently commented that he observed 35 different bird species during his visit. Audubon take note!!

3 thoughts on “Land Maintenance update

  1. I suppose it’s no surprise that lovely people would be drawn to you. It sure does look Eden-like there. If Eden includes lots of hard work. Best wishes to one and all.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful pictures. Never having been there it is nice to see folks involved in the Church . The photos of the birds are spectacular. I am so sorry for your friend who was injured and know what you say is true. In this world anyone involved in the health care system needs an advocate. I send best wishes for recovery to your friend and thank you for the correspondence. Linda Moore


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