Hot and Holy Summer

While cutting firewood with a friend in Aravaipa Canyon, Matthew noticed this tranquil green Mojave rattlesnake lounging in the sun. It never moved while Matt worked. Later we left it in peace while we lounged by Aravaipa creek.

This blog starts with Rose and Second Counselor Alex’s departure hauling his Tiny house with Rose and her constant companion “Bandit”.

After major spinal surgery and almost dying from a Mersa infection while in the hospital, Akbar is back at the Church and gradually recovering from his accidental collision with a large tree branch. He continues to go to physical therapy and exercises regularly at the Essence of Tranquility Hot Springs. He is giving greenhouse and Spirit Walk tours again and starting to set up Spirit Walk areas for communicants.

This lovely gentle rattlesnake was moved from its location to prevent accidents with vistors, but we are still grateful for its service in ridding the Church of rodent pests. If we could be certain our visitors were snake savvy we would not move them, but mindfulness is something we all must learn and even Church residents, if not paying attention, can miss the rattle of a snake.

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This July has seen at least one downpour causing the Riverbed crossing the Church access road to flood with rain run off. These views are down the driveway.

This June we saw the Pinnacle Fire burning on the Theresas. This daylight view of the fire was observed while unloading pumice for our greenhouse planters. We were joined by Church member Kohlton, who helped unload the pumice and assisted in several other projects for about a week.

Church residents have been very busy filling gaps formerly filled by others. Church officers have been very busy collecting Peyote seeds, watering, feeding, and spraying Peyote plants for insect pests, answering emails, making Mana pottery, and hosting Spirit Walk guests. We hope to put up more pictures of our beautiful greenhouse plants soon. Thanks.

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